Andrew Tate’s ‘Top G’ Workout and Supplement Routine

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Andrew Tate is a former kickboxing champion and self-made millionaire who has captivated audiences all over social media with his controversial viewpoints and unique lifestyle. Naturally, many want to know how he has maintained his Top G physique throughout the many phases of his career.

Andrew Tate has had a diverse range of workout routines throughout the years. These have included his structured kickboxing training, high-intensity interval training, bench press workout routine, and his bodyweight exercise regimen during his time in prison. Furthermore, Tate has developed his exclusive line of Top G supplements, aimed at elevating his fitness levels and sustaining his overall health.

The following is a deep dive into the ever-evolving workout routine of Andrew Tate, along with a look into his supplements and what they can do. 

Andrew Tate’s Kickboxing Workouts

Tate started his career in kickboxing and martial arts back in 2005. In 2009, he won a renowned kickboxing competition, the British ISKA Full Contact Cruiserweight Championship, solidifying him as a champion and earning him the title of “King Cobra.” From there, his success only reached new heights, winning his first ISKA world title in 2011 with a KO and a second world title in 2013. The second title made him a champion in two weight groups, cruiserweight and light heavyweight.

In his kickboxing days, Tate would start his day with a morning jog, followed by burpees, push-ups, shadow boxing, and weight training, all while wearing a weighted vest to increase intensity. Though he spent a great deal of time at the gym during the peak of his career, his main routines centered around running and bodyweight exercises.

Since kickboxing workouts are about getting in fighting form, focusing on strength, endurance, and agility, his workouts were based on cardiovascular activities to build endurance and movements for agility. Agility movements included training in mixed martial arts (MMA), practicing grappling, takedowns, submissions, and more.

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Kickboxing Workout Routine

While there isn’t much information about Tate’s exact routine during his early kickboxing days, it’s easy to surmise what it could’ve looked like based on typical kickboxing routines and what we know. Keep in mind that Tate was trained by a coach and likely altered his routines constantly.

Fighters train for performance and not to achieve a bodybuilding aesthetic, so there isn’t as much weight training in the routine as in other exercises. Tate has stated that in his kickboxing days, he worked out 5 hours a day, six days a week.

While an exact routine of his kickboxing training hasn’t been released, a typical kickboxing workout could include:

  • Warm-up (5-10 minutes): Jog
  • Round 1 Exercises
    • Jumping jacks + jabs
    • Lunge + front kick
    • Shuffles + burpees
    • Squat + sidekick
    • High knees
  • Round 2 Exercises
    • Burpee + punches
    • Push up + alternating knees
    • Power squats
    • Single-leg deadlift + knee
    • Mountain Climbers
  • Round 3 exercises
    • Round kicks
    • Tricep push-ups
    • Punch-out
    • Plié squats + bicep curls
    • Jump jacks or star jacks

Andrew Tate’s Current Workouts

The former kickboxing champion has undergone several transformations in diet and exercise routines throughout his life. Once his kickboxing career came to an end, his workout routines changed, including adding more weight training. Regardless, his goal is always to be in fighting form, not just to build useless muscle mass.

High-Intensity Workout (HIIT)

Andrew Tate is a big fan of high-intensity interval workouts because of their efficiency. As someone who lives an incredibly busy lifestyle, the purpose for Tate is to finish his workout as soon as possible and move on to the next important thing in his life. A prime example of a HIIT workout that he does:

  • 4 cycles:
    • 25 burpees with 25kg bar
    • 25 Tough Jumps (high knees jumps)
    • 2 minutes rest

Tate has spoken very passionately about the importance of these high-intensity interval workouts for overall physical fitness. HIIT workouts utilize activities that get your heart rate up with little rest so you can burn calories even after the workout is done, strengthen your heart, and build lean muscle. Due to the high-intensity nature of these workouts, less time is spent getting the desired results, with some routines completed within 5 to 10 minutes.

Tate’s HIIT workouts include burpees, jumps, squats, and using his body weight to burn calories. HIIT also includes cardio, like running, which he does six times a week. In addition to his high-intensity interval training, he takes time throughout his busy day to do a small exercise routine.

Tate’s Bench Press Workout

Even though Tate doesn’t spend a great deal of time in the gym, it doesn’t mean he’s afraid to lift some heavy weights. In fact, in 2022, he performed his bench press workout routine with British trainer and YouTuber Mike Thurston in Dubai.

Andrew Tate’s Bench Press Workout:

  • Bench Press: 3 sets of 6-8 reps
  • Pull Ups (wide grip): 3 sets of 6-8 reps
  • V-bar Dips: 3 sets of 6-8 reps

At the start of this workout routine, Tate will do a few heavy sets on the bench press, even getting up to 300 lbs for a single. During this particular workout, he also did some boxing with Thurston, which is likely part of his routine.

When he is home, Tate mentioned that he regularly does 500-1,000 push-ups daily. “Whenever I’m on the computer, I set myself a little target. So I’m on the computer; every few minutes, I’ll drop and do as many push-ups as I can.”

Tate’s Prison Workout

Unfortunately, the self-made millionaire found himself in hot water in 2023, resulting in some jail time in a Romanian prison. Despite this, Tate maintained his discipline, even adding muscle mass during his stay. Being in a confined space limits movement, so Tate shared with his followers what he did to pass the time and stay in shape. He was later released on house arrest and could return to his kickboxing and HIIT workouts.

Andrew Tate’s Prison Workout:

  • Daily 10-20 km walk
  • 500-1000 squats
  • 500-750 push-ups
  • 100 dips
  • Practice his tiger claw technique

The tiger claw technique is a defense maneuver perfected by Tate, in which the fighter uses his fingers, like a claw, to strike an opponent. This technique requires years of finger strengthening and training to produce enough force to do severe damage to an opponent. Tate has stated on Twitter that his tiger claw technique is “unmatched.”

Breathing Exercises and Meditation

For Andrew Tate, the fitness of the mind is just as important as the fitness of the body. This is part of the self-mastery Tate teaches followers, starting with self-awareness and followed by self-control. According to Tate, self-mastery requires discipline, resilience, and practice. This includes setting boundaries, prioritizing goals, and taking action. It also requires resisting temptation, overcoming procrastination, and staying committed.

One of the ways that Tate suggests achieving self-mastery is through mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises to harness inner power and cultivate self-control. He also recommends utilizing the power of visualization and positive affirmations to reprogram the mind and reinforce empowering beliefs to achieve self-mastery.

Affirmations are positive statements spoken out loud or internally repeatedly to reinforce positive attitudes and beliefs toward the self. Visualization goes hand in hand with meditation, in which mental images of achieving goals and desires are used.

Andrew Tate’s Supplements

Tate believes in optimizing performance and properly maintaining aging peak physical condition. The Top G has his supplement line that is undoubtedly part of his routine. The motto behind his supplements is strength, perspicacity, and indefatigability. The Top G supplements claim to be formulated with the highest quality scientifically-supported ingredients.

Andrew Tate’s Supplement Line:

  • Top G Feared Opponent Testosterone Booster: Increases testosterone levels, promotes physical strength and energy, and elevates libido.
  • Top G Unmatched Perspicacity Mental Clarity Compound: A state-of-the-art “smart nutrient” ingredient profile that enhances cognitive function, learning, and memory.
  • Top G Sheer Indefatigability Vitamin Support Complex: supports weight loss, muscle recovery, and overall health.

These supplements are available for purchase on his Shop Top G Supplements website. However, if you are looking for some viable alternatives that are available on Amazon, check out:

Does Andrew Tate take steroids, HGH, or TRT?

Throughout his career, there has been much discussion around Tate’s physique and whether he uses enhancements, like steroids to achieve his results. Tate has been very vocal in adamantly denying he takes any kind of enhancements to stay in shape. He is so vehemently against steroids, which he refers to as a “plague of the modern world,” that he has stated that he will never take up a fighting opponent who uses them. 

Tate says all-natural supplements, including his own, along with a good mindset, a competitive environment, and a lot of hard work are all that is needed. He believes you do not need drugs of any kind to have fun or to be strong. 

Andrew Tate’s ‘Super Drug’

While not technically considered supplements, Tate does credit much of his motivation and brain performance to his “super drug,” a combination of nicotine and caffeine. He drinks 10-15 cups of coffee and smokes 3 cigars a day. He uses caffeine for focus, challenging himself mentally, and setting high goals while avoiding recreational drugs of any kind. However, the combination of the two is what helps keep him in top shape. 


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