Who is Lex Fridman’s Brother – Plasma Wiz Greg Fridman?

Lex Fridman's brother - Gregory Fridman

By now you are probably aware of Lex Fridman, the esteemed AI scientist, podcaster, and frequent Joe Rogan Experience guest. But, did you know Lex has a very esteemed and successful brother?

Gregory Fridman, is Lex Fridman’s older brother and the founder and CEO of AAPlasma, LLC, which has produced numerous breakthroughs in cold plasma research. He acquired a Ph.D. from Drexel University in Biomedical Engineering and was a research professor at the university. Fridman is also known for his proficiency in synthetic chemistry, plasma engineering, and food safety.

Gregory Fridman’s Background

Gregory Fridman, a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has excelled as both an entrepreneur and academic. Possibly overlooked because of his younger brother’s (Lex Fridman) rapid rise to fame, Gregory is quite an accomplished man himself.

Like his younger brother, Greg Fridman is the son of Russian immigrants, and has a bit of a Russian accent, more so than his brother.

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Fridman obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois – Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, and computer science. Following the University of Illinois, he decided to continue his education by obtaining a Masters degree at Drexel University in Biomedical Engineering.

After that, he further enhanced his education by continuing at Drexel University and getting a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. Drexel University was his home for 16 years, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as he worked at the university as a research professor and the Director of Plasma Engineering Group.

Gregory Fridman’s Interests

Unlike his brother who is an expert in artificial intelligence, Dr. Gregory Fridman focuses on the biochemistry of the human body – plasma bioengineering. His research interests revolve around the integration of non-equilibrium plasma discharges into the fields of biology and medicine.

Specifically, he is exploring the application of non-equilibrium air plasma discharges in various areas such as pre-operative, post-operative, and intra-operative sterilization of living human tissue.

Additionally, his research focuses on blood coagulation, wound healing, tissue regeneration, as well as the treatment of diseases. His areas of expertise includes advanced oxidation techniques, cold plasma, transitional plasma, thermal plasma, software development, customer engagement, project coordination, research, innovation, and teaching.

Outside of work, Greg Fridman’s LinkedIn lists some noble humanitarian causes that he is involved in. He has been a volunteer for the Habitat of Humanity in the Philadelphia area, building homes for those less fortunate. He’s also been a mentor for FirstHand Philly, getting kids excited about STEM projects and hands-on projects, and has been a member of the Rotary Club of Philadelphia.

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Gregory Fridman’s Achievements

Renowned plasma scientist Gregory Fridman has been honored with the esteemed IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society Outstanding Student in Plasma Science Award. This prestigious recognition was presented to him at the highly regarded IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science.

Gregory Fridman talks about healing chronic wounds with electric plasma.

Dr. Fridman’s contributions to the field are not only acknowledged through accolades but also through his extensive publications. His portfolio consists of over 30 peer-reviewed papers and five book chapters and has garnered attention within the scientific community.

Possibly the largest endeavor for Greg, is being the CEO and founder of AAPlasma, LLC. Their company website says, “our future is electric,” which highlights the vision of the company: to create breakthroughs in the world of plasma science. The company conducts plasma research, along with a wide variety of other high-tech skills, to make the world a cleaner place in the biomedical industry, as well as other related industries.

Gregory Fridman’s Social Media

Although not really active on social media, Greg does have an Instagram account and Twitter account. If you want a closer look at him speaking, check out the Gregory Fridman YouTube account.


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