Dana White on Religion and How It Didn’t Shape His Life

Dana White - I'm not religious

In the past, UFC president Dana White had remained tight-lipped about his views on religion. And who wouldn’t if they were the face of a multi-million dollar industry? But in several interviews, including one with Piers Morgan, White opened up a little more about his background and thoughts on religion.

Despite being brought up Catholic, Dana White is not a religious person. His thoughts mostly align with being atheist or agnostic points of view, although he is fond of the idea of karma through his own personal, anecdotal experiences. During an interview with Piers Morgan, White shared that he thinks nothing will happen when he dies and that one does not need religion to figure out how to be a good person.

Is Dana White Religious?

No Dana White is not religious. Like many American families, Dana White grew up in a Catholic family. But in his own words, “he doesn’t really buy into all that stuff. Especially as I got older and into my mid-twenties.” If he believes in anything, he believes in Karma, though the reason is simply from his personal experiences and reflection on certain events in his life.

In an interview last September, Dana White and Piers Morgan talked about White’s family, growing up, and how his life turned out. In standard Piers Morgan style, the interview started with uncomfortable questions and quickly approached sensitive topics but with respect.

In what can only be described as a tell-all interview, the president of the UFC opened up about his parent’s deaths. When asked how he handled their deaths, he didn’t turn to religion for coping. Instead he said, “I’m good with it. I’m good with everything. I focus a lot on my kids and my relationship with them.

I’ve kind of put my relationship with my parents behind me.” When prodded further, respectfully, about their recent deaths and his feelings about it, he said, “I didn’t really feel anything. I didn’t wish any ill will on either of my parents.

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Dana White on Religion in Public

Dana White has never been one to mince words, and what most people would likely keep to themselves, he says freely. In 2018, in a Fox News Interview, the reporter asked Dana White point blank, “You said: ‘I don’t believe in God, the devil, ghosts, or any of that sh*t.

The UFC boss laughed and confidently said, “Exactly. Listen, I don’t like religion at all. I think religion is dangerous.

All religion is dangerous. I think it’s scary, and it’s dangerous, and it should probably all go away.

Dana White

As a Republican-leaning news station and with Republic voters being predominantly Christians, his comments likely turned some heads. However, it’s noble how White strives to separate work from religion and thinks that type of talk should be left out of the public. He respects other people’s religious beliefs but just don’t bring it to work.

At one point, after a historical UFC fight for Yoel Romero, the UFC boss pointedly said, “You just won the biggest fight of your career. No one wants to hear your thoughts on Jesus. Keep that stuff at home.

Is Dana White a Christian?

No, Dana White is not a Christian, although he was brought up in a Catholic household and went to Catholic school as a child.

As Piers Morgan reminisced about his life with nuns, it was obvious that White didn’t have the same loving experience. He mentioned that he grew up in a Catholic school, was an altar boy, and had to go to church on Sundays. Aside from those points in his life, being Catholic and the religion itself did not guide him or his decisions in life.

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Is Dana White an Atheist?

Dana White’s statements on Fox News and in the interview with Piers Morgan, best align with being an atheist, although he has not publicly labeled himself as one. During the September interview with Morgan, White, slightly uncomfortable with the conversation, still managed to be a good sport. He answered Morgan’s questions with transparent honesty, while digging deep to provide answers the best he could.

Unfortunately, being a sensitive topic, religion is complicated for anyone to talk about, and despite believing wholeheartedly in himself, it was clear that the UFC president does not believe in God or religion.

White said, “I’m not a religious person these days. I was never really guided by religion in any way, shape, or form.

Then, Morgan moved on to another difficult question: “What do you think happens when you die?” With a rueful smile, White replied, “I think that’s it. It’s over. I think that we think we’re more important than we really are because some people have to believe that to get through life.

White doesn’t label himself as a Christian or an Atheist. Like many people, White believes that figuring out how to be a good person is something anyone can do without religion.


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