Cameron Hanes Simple “Rock Carry” Workout Is Brutal

Cameron Hanes With his 130 pound rock, putting it in a Tenzing backpack.

Cameron Hanes, a well-known bowhunter, ultra-endurance athlete, and frequent Joe Rogan Experience guest, is often seen carrying a rock during some of his YouTube videos and social media. But what is the purpose behind carrying just a simple rock?

Cameron Hanes carries either a 72 or 130-pound rock for a distance of 1.5 miles, along with a 1000-foot elevation gain, inside a Tenzing hunting backpack during his hiking workouts. These sessions not only focus on targeting his leg muscles but also deliver a rigorous full-body workout. The underlying philosophy behind carrying the rock is to adequately prepare him for his cross-country bow hunting expeditions and ultramarathon competitions.

This practice is part of Hanes’s personal philosophy and training regimen. The added mental bonus of the rock is that it is a symbol of mental toughness, perseverance, and the ability to overcome challenges.

How Much Does Cameron Hanes’s Rock Weigh?

There are actually two different rocks that Cameron Hanes has been known to carry. The first rock, as shown in his earlier YouTube videos weighs exactly 130-pounds, as weighed by Hanes. Because of the sheer size and weight of this rock, he puts in his sturdy Tenzig hunting backpack to create a formidable rucksack.

Cameron Hanes 130-pound rock
*Hanes’s 130-pound rock that he carries

Later on, Hanes found another rock that weighs 72-pounds and is the one he typically uses more often. This second rock, is a little bit more manageable and can be carried without the use of a Tenzig backpack. It offers a little bit of a different workout, although equally brutal, because the rock is carried without a backpack, by alternating on each shoulder or in front of his stomach.

Cameron Hanes and Truett Hanes carrying 72-pound rock
*Hanes’s and his son Truett look at their 72-pound rock

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Why Does Cameron Hanes Carry A Rock?

Hanes has said that everything he does, both training and running, ultimately boils down to the end goal of providing food for his family. Carrying a rock emulates the real world scenario of being a back-country bow hunter, trekking up mountains and hunting elk. And after an elk kill is done, only half the job is completed. He still has to then carry hundreds of pounds of meat back to camp.

Carrying a rock during a hike or workout adds an extra physical challenge, but more importantly, it serves as a simple yet effective metaphor for carrying the weight of responsibilities, difficulties, and struggles in life. By willingly taking on this additional burden, Cameron Hanes aim to develop mental resilience, discipline, and a mindset that embraces hardship as an opportunity for growth.

Hanes often shares his philosophies of “Keep Hammering” and “Lift. Run. Shoot.”, encouraging individuals to push through difficulties and pursue their goals with relentless determination. The rock serves as a tangible reminder of the mental fortitude required to overcome obstacles and achieve success in various aspects of life.

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Cameron Hanes’s Son Truett Tried to Break His Rock Record

Cameron and his son Truett had a friendly battle of who could trek the 72-pound rock up a mountain (1000 feet elevation and 1.5 miles) in the shortest amount of time.

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*YouTube Video of Truett Hanes carrying the 72-pound rock up the mountain

Apparently, Cameron stated that he had an unofficial time of 40 minutes, challenging his son Truett, to beat his record. Although Truett completed the brutal workout, he had to drop the rock numerous times until eventually completing the challenge with a time of 49 minutes.

You can clearly see in the video that the workout turned out to be much harder than Truett initially anticipated, acknowledging his dad has “old man strength.”

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